Leah “Ariella” Prizant, one of the daring underground Lehi fighters in Jerusalem, 1948, killed in the explosion of the weapons cache in Camp Dror, the Lehi encampment in Jerusalem
Residential quarters in the Gilgil Internment Camp: Yaakov Yitzhaki, Ravimi Menahem, Froman, Shlomo Harari, Natan, Shimon Lokshin, Yaakov Schleffer, Yaakov Avneri, Shimon Ziv, Pinhas Ginosar, Yosef Halevy, Yitzhak Ben-Moshe, Menahem Schiff
Lehi and IZL exiles in the detention camp in Gilgil, Kenya
Lehi members active in Menashiya neighborhood in Tel Aviv in combat during the War of Independence, 1948
Photograph of some of the Lehi prisoners arrested for the underground operation at the Haifa Railroad Workshops, who were condemned to death, alongside the gallows in Acre Prison (The photograph was taken after the establishment of the State of Israel.)
Avraham Stern’s diary and the watch he wore when he was killed by the British CID
Conference of prisoners and detainees from the Mandatory Bethlehem Women’s Prison, April 1953
Lehi Central Committee members Natan Yellin-Mor, Yitzhak Shamir and Israel Eldad with Avraham Stern’s young son Yair at the first memorial ceremony for Avraham Stern, Founder of Lehi, after the establishment of the State of Israel
Lehi members drill in Jerusalem, 1948
Avraham “Yair” Stern, Founder & Commander of Lehi