“Stricken with the Madness of Kingship, the Freedom Fighters of the Homeland” In the Shadow of the Extinction of Irgun Tzvai Leumi be-Israel

Wanted: Cohen, Frunin, Turnberg Alan Saunders, Inspector-General of Police in Palestine Moshe Bar-Giora The tower in Kiryat Anavim Israel Tevua

Foreign Relations during World War II

Natan Yellin-Mor Lehi Proposal of Collaboration with Nazi Germany   Werner Otto von Hentig, German Ambassador in Lebanon   Naphtali

Ideology Philsophical Basis: The Aim and the Means

    By Nechemia Ben-Tor Yair saw the ideological poverty of IZL as the root of its organizational, moral and

On the Brink of Extinction: The Murder of Yair

Binyamin Zaroni Avraham Amper Geoffrey J. Morton Selig Jacques Hanoch Kalai (Sterlitz Avraham Stern, wanted Yaacov Eliav (Lebstein) Moshe Savorai