About The Organization

The Freedom Fighters of Israel Heritage Association is a registered non-profit organization since August 31st, 1986, #58-002-385-1. It is located in Bet Yair, the house in which Avraham “Yair” Stern was murdered in the Florentine neighborhood of Tel Aviv.

The aims of the society are to preserve the memory of Lehi (Lohamei Herut Israel), the Freedom Fighters of Israel, amongst the public: to honor their struggle and their legacy; to commemorate the fallen, individually and collectively; to sustain Lehi’s heritage; and to take every step to advance these goals, including: maintaining and developing activities in Bet Yair; establishing and nurturing museums, temporary or permanent exhibitions, and monuments; collecting and saving historical data; publishing books, newspapers, periodicals, films, tapes, and other forms of media concerning Lehi’s operations, its members and its fallen.


The activities of the society include the following:

  • Holding public events to commemorate the chronicles of Lehi and its members
  • Hosting seminars and programs, mainly for students, about topics relating to Lehi’s legacy
  • Responding to requests from institutions and organizations for lectures and public speaking about topics related to Lehi
  • Producing films to commemorate the battle to establish Israel in general and Lehi in particular
  • Assisting the Ministry of Defense by historical documentation through the archives and the museum

Yair Publications is dedicated to supporting and disseminating the memoirs of the Freedom Fighters of Israel, as well as works of research concerning Lehi and the commemoration of its members.

All books on the site are available for sale through the offices of the society.